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  • 10" Jane West™ Beaker - Cobalt Blue

    10" Jane West™ Beaker Water Pipe made on 25mm cobalt blue tubing with fixed fission downstem, tapered foot and mouthpiece, and 14mm Jane West™ Bowl. The Jane West beaker water pipe is 10" tall and made on 25mm cobalt blue tubing. Its fission downstem...

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  • 11" STAX® Helix Mouthpiece - Clear

    11" STAX® Helix™ Mouthpiece made on 44mm tubing with a 34mm plastic joint clamp, Venturi chamber, and air filtration to cool and spin smoke. Fits any STAX® base or perc. The STAX Helix mouthpiece is 11" tall and made on 44mm tubing. Its Venturi...

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  • 12" GRAV® Straight Base w/ Disc

    12" GRAV® Straight Base w/ Disc

    The GRAV® Straight-Based Honeycomb Disc Water Pipe is 12" tall and made on 38mm tubing. Its geometric pressed pinch is both a splashguard and ice catcher. Its honeycomb disc forces water and smoke through tight restrictions, removing tar and debris...

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  • 12" Upline Water Pipe - Clear

    The small Upline® Water Pipe is 12" tall and made on 38mm tubing. Its vertical downstem catches ash in the base of the pipe. Its ladder perc restrictions create bubbler chambers that wash and filter smoke as it climbs the pipe, and its upper chamber...

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  • 14mm GRAV Adjustable Downstem - Clear

    The 14mm GRAV® Adjustable Downstem can extend anywhere from 4" to 6" and is compatible with any 14mm beaker or straight-based water pipe with an angled joint. The two halves of the downstem are held together by a custom fitted segment of heat shrink...

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  • 14mm GRAV Bubble Bowl

    14mm GRAV Bubble Bowl

    The 14mm GRAV® Bubble Bowl made on glass is compatible with any 14mm female joint and features three evenly spaced marble grips for safe handling. The interior of the bowl is a hollow, ash-catching chamber. The bubble bowl's capacity is designed for...

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  • 14mm GRAV J Handle - Clear

    The GRAV® J Handle Mouthpiece is 8" long and can accommodate any 14mm male joint. Each mouthpiece is paired with a 14mm plastic joint clamp and is designed to function as a dry hand pipe when paired with a bowl, a bubbler when paired with an ash...

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  • 14mm GRAV Male Banger - 45° Angle - Clear

    The 14mm GRAV® Male Banger is compatible with any 14mm female joint and made of heat-tolerant quartz. Its flat dish is designed for vaporizing plant extract, and its 45° angled neck is best paired with beakers and water pipes with angled joints.

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  • 14mm GRAV Triple Pinch Bowl - Clear

    The 14mm GRAV® Triple Pinch Bowl is compatible with any 14mm female joint and features a colored glass arm on the side of the bowl for safe handling. Its restriction is formed by three glass pinches designed to catch ash and keep plant matter in...

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