Trip 2 King Size Rolling Papers Transparent 40 Leaves A Pack NEW

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You wouldn't think smoking cellulose would be a good time, but it is! The first advantage is that there are insanely durable. We had to try really, really hard to rip them. The second is that they burn really slowly. The last is they look awesome and feel like the smoking papers of the future! How could you want more? If you love to roll what you smoke, these are a necessity. They're a really cool experience and are awesome quality. Make sure you grab a pack or three next time you see them!
Trip rolling papers are the original clear rolling papers from Brazil and are the best selling clear rolling papers on the market.

These 100% natural papers burn slower and less harshly than other clear papers, which is why they remain so popular in the community. These are an exclusive product of HBI. If you want to try something that will totally blow away everyone around or just a great gift for any of your smoking buddies, try these today!

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